IT and security administrators, time is your enemy, don’t worry, we can help.

You don’t have enough time or resources to meet compliance regulations and secure your network effectively. You struggle to cope with the growing list of essential but repetitive, time consuming tasks you must address daily.

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Understanding how IT security threats could compromise compliance, data integrity, productivity and competitiveness is paramount to any business.

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Gone are the days of creating your own reports, auditing your network and performing patching manually.

Now, automation is the most effective way to:

  • Successfully meet compliance regulations
  • Perform full vulnerability and port scanning
  • Manage organization-wide software deployment
  • Solve bring your own device (BYOD) headaches
  • Provide IT reports to your managers

By automating these business-critical tasks, you save time and ensure your systems are stable, safe and compliant.

Automating is the only way to go.

Yes, we can help! The top features of GFI LanGuard® include:


Failure to comply with strict regulations can prove costly for companies. GFI LanGuard is an essential tool to help ensure you meet mandatory standards – and avoid penalties.

Network auditing

Automatically generate reports of the devices, computers, software and applications installed in your network, giving you a complete and detailed overview of your network inventory, status, and security risks.

Vulnerability scanning

Scan your network and devices against our constantly updated database of more than 60,000 known security vulnerabilities and receive recommendations on how they can be fixed.

Patch management

Automatically scan for, and deploy, missing security and non-security patches issued by Windows®, Mac OS®, Linux® and many third-party applications.


Manage, secure and troubleshoot systems with greater efficiency on more platforms.

GFI LanGuard helps you with:

  • Patch management
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Network auditing
  • Compliance
  • BYOD reporting
  • Network discovery
  • Third-party software rollout
  • Port scanning

GFI LanGuard manages, secures and troubleshoots your network, systems and software, condensing many important IT security tasks into one easy-to-use management tool. Your life as an IT manager becomes easier, and your network is more secure, reliable, and efficient.

Automation, security and compliance

7038 Vulnerabilities in 2014

What our GFI LanGuard customers say

GFI LanGuard proved to be the solution that the National Theatre was looking for in terms of cost, efficiency and effectiveness.

Richard Bevan,
National Theatre

Kudos to GFI for yet another great product!

Bryan L. Williams,
St. Johns River Water Management District

It almost instantly removed my network patching, software auditing and vulnerability assessment worries.

Diane Burns,

GFI LanGuard does what it is supposed to do in a simple and efficient manner.

Oscar Wilton,
Compania De Seguros La Chilena Consolidada

This product has been added to my A-team. You've made a customer out of me.

Jeff Waite,
Independent IT professional

We have all been impressed with GFI products.

Carol Miller,
CIW Foundations Exam Cram

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